Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You never know...

Some times I just dream...

My dreams are so light...

Yesterday was to much warm... my wind was not blowing...

If I'm the fire, just me was here...

My Wind, you never know how much I love you...

My heart wait your smooth blow...

Yes! How much I love you, you never know!

I can't tell... I can't say... I can't allow my heart to love you!

My wind... I love you! But you never know, how much I love you!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Gift

Just one gift I want...

I want be with my precious!

I'm home, now... With my precious...

My life is more sweet now... because I have 3 good motives, 3 sweets, 3 lifes, 3 gifts!..

My 3 precious are important, now!
Just my 3 precious... and it's all!

Marry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008



Everythings with my friends was good!

Somebody not was good with me,but I hope wiil be fine...

But,my friends was REALLY good with me! I discovery that I love him! They are excelent and lovely friends!

The new is: I made a new composition!

Tomorrow I'll write more!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bye, bye!

Bye , bye!

This night I was stowing my bags for the travel in next night!

I'll go in bus!

Oh yeah! The good and old bus... 18 hours in travel! It's ok! Will be funny!

My bags are very heavy!!!

Oh yeah! I'm woman!! I need to much things! (laughs)

The gifts are in the bag, my friends! I don't will forget!

I need paint my neils before the travel!

I'm not Gisele Bünchen, but I need be perfect!(laughs)

The pictures deceive to much! I'm not beautiful! I swear!!!

My friends will be scared about me!

The makeup help to much, but don't solve the problem! (laughs)

I'll back december 16th or 17th...

Heart beating (♥)

My heart is beating for you today!
In truth, Was beating for all night!

I just want you with me...

Wind... I'm waiting for you...

My heart is beating for you!()

Monday, December 1, 2008


Today I needed solve problems(I make other thing?)...

Meet my old friend Silin and we talked to much... He is a administer in our group TOKUFRIENDS. Was a good time after some days no stop working...

I don't have pictures about this moment, because my cellphone is old and don't have camera. His cell is old, too! (lougs)

When I arrive in my house, I feel that was missing something...
My head was pain(and are pain yet), my arms was so heavy...

I think: What is missing?

Like a tamagochi I thinked:
Food: Ok!
Coffee: Ok!
Medication: Ok!
Sleepy: Low level - DANGER!

My bed is missing... My pillow... Oh God! I'm so tired! I'm sleepy!!!

(x_x) <<<------ GISELE IN DEATH MODE!

Bye, bye, baby... Good dreams!