Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dreams, Love and my missing pictures

My pictures are missing!
In truth, my friend is missing!... She with my pictures! (laughs!)
This sunday I went to Angra X Sepultura's show, because Edu Falaschi invited me...
I invited my 2 friends: Amanda and Patrícia...
Amanda take pictures, but she don't give me... yet!
I still waiting! (¬_¬')


Today, I was thinking about dreams...
When we are children, we had false dreams, because we was imature, we don't made difference between reality and fantasy...
When we grow up, we learn this difference, we have true dreams and no more fantasies...
Some times, we don't grow up in some life's areas and we continue with false dreams!

The same is with love...
False love or true love?
This matter is realy difficult!
We never had sure! Because the love is the life's area that we never grow up!
I love somebody... this man is impossible, if is possible is very difficult!
But I want live something with him!
It's a true love? It's a true dream? Or a simple fantasy?
I realy don't know!...

I want his love... I don't know if he love me...
If I had his love, I make everything for this love...

I know that he is reading this message... Maybe he don't believe this words is for him! Because he think is impossible, too...
I'll ask for you, my friend: This is a true love? or a beautiful fantasy?

Saturday, May 23, 2009


What hair's color is right? I don't know...

Red? Pink? Green?...

I realy don't know!

I never print my hair!

Maybe, your hair is beutiful always!...
My hair is natural... Hair's color is a very dificult matter!

What you think about?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


To much cultures and religions talk about Totens!
Toten is a animal for our protection and power!

I was talking about this to much times... And I was imagining: As wold be, if I had a Toten?
Maybe it help me to be a strong people...

Like in Gekiranger, that the Gekiranger members have a Toten... It was so interesting, because Geki Red have a Tiger... and when he is scared, he activated his tiger!
This happend, very clearly in the first episode!

I can't explain more... Look the vídeo!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Introspective time... cold temperature!

Today our termometers show 9°C in this morning!
Was very cold in my city!!

In the same time, I'm introspective... maybe ZEN! hahaha

I'm trying for don't love... and trying don't angry! Simple? NO!!!
This process is very very dificult!
Some time I think is impossible...
Equilibrium is a very dificult thing!
Be circumspective, good-tempered is dificult! I need be introspective and win my spiritual deficiencies!

I was learning abou Horus Eye...
The right Horus Eye is sapience, knowledge, wisdom...
The left Horus Eye is the emotional, feelings, passions...

I can't see the world using just one eye... I need both!
I need equilibrium in my life!

Well... I'll be introspective in this time... maybe ZEN!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day!

This weekend, sunday, in Brazil, was the mother's day! And... my son's birthday!
My sister Rafaela come to my house!

She lives in others state, the last time that I saw her, was 1 year ago! Was very good see her again! \(^-^)/

My son André, receive a gift: The speedway car!!!
Aline and Amanda play together...

In sunday's morning I receive my gifts!!! Yeah!!!
I'm mom, right?
Was Mother's Day!...

Aline give me the WitchBlade manga, 2nd book...
I had just the number 1!! Now, my colection is complete!
Amanda give me jewel box! And chocolate!
And André give me a passepartout, with his picture! And... Chocolate!

My sister give me a earring!

Finally, for say goodbye, we go to Salsa Night!

My librian sister was confuse and don't wanted dance salsa... but some guy, realy good dancer teach her!... And teach ME! hahaha

Was Very Fun!!!!

Was a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Earth or Air?

I'm in an impasse...
Earth or Air?

I need earth under my feet,

but I want air in my head!

The air inspired me!

But the earth give me consolation...

My relationship with the Air is vertical...

I mean spiritual, mental, telepathic...

But my relationship with Earth is horizontal!
I mean carnal, passionate, physical...

The earth is where on the flowers grow up!

The air blow the wind and fresh my face in the summer!

Earth! Never be a desert!
Give me your flowers in the spring!

Give me a tree and the fruit for my life and my heart!

Air! Never be cold!

Give me your wind in the summer!

Blow my spirit, my thoughts and my feelings!

I just will wait for your answer... I just will wait you come back...
I just will wait your sweetness again...
I just will wait you!

While I wait, I'll sit on a rock and I'll look for the sky...
I'll see the stars and the moon growing in the sea-line...
Maybe the stars and the moon tell me something about you!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hurt Foot!

This weekend was cool, except yesterday...

I hurt my foot!
Not is broken, but is paining...

Now, I'm quiet... my foot is at rest!
I'm listening music for meditation... and japanese music(obviously!)!
I'm so sleepy!... The temperature is not cold, but the wind is fresh...

Last night, my foot was paining a lot! Was dificult for to sleep!
(I don't took medication for pain!)
But... Perhaps, to night I'll sleep better!

Well... Sad? No... It's life things!
Bad things happend... unfortunately!
I'll be fine!