Monday, January 25, 2010

You are feeling...

I know how much your feeling is overpowering...
I know how much this is fearfull...

To love is fearfull, overly uncontrollble!

The lack of control make a noise inside of your soul! An uncontrollble noise...
Sometimes, this noise, make your heart pain... Like in my heart!

When your soul is uncontrollble passionated, you want run... just run for some place that you don't know where!
It's more rational use the brain... But this is not easy AND... this is not right!
You need, not fight like a worrior, but you need accept that this feeling exist! To resist this feeling is useless and make you suffer so much more!

You have feelings, winds head! Just accept!
Accept and don't run anymore!
The destiny will take care the destiny!

See you again soon!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'll fight for you!

Maybe you don't want be separated from me... Me too!
Something is main in my life: meet you again!

Like I was a child, dreaming in my window, calling my encharmed prince through the wind, I believe now...
Everything that I want is see you, hug you, kiss you...

What I'll make with my feeling? What I'll live without you?
You are my inspiration, my air and my wind... My dream, my life and my spirit!
You has, not just my heart, you has my soul!

I feel myself so ridiculous... My romanticism is ridiculous!
I'm not happy, because you make me romantic!

Love you make me live and die in the same moment...
Make me happy, because you are sweet... and sad, because you are far...

I want your warm kiss again... your arms holding my body again...

Don't leave me! I need you, because you has my soul!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My sadness!

Today I'm sad without explanation...

I think so I'm sad, because I'm miss you...

I'm a ridiculous romantic woman!!!
I hate me because this!

If you are romantic, you will suffer!
Yes! i'm suffering!

So much more riculous, because you don't love me!
I just love you, but you never love me...

You like me, are confuse, change your feeling...
But My feeling never will change!

yes! I'll suffer forever! Because my romantic condition don't have cure!

I want feel your wind in my face again...
I want believe, but my faith is so down...
I want feel you again...

I think so I never will stop love you...

I don't care anymore!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The winner takes it all!

Now, I'm in the last level!
And I'll take every all!

Friday, January 8, 2010

No! You are not normal!

You are not normal and want me CRAZY like you...
You are not satisfied, because I'm crazy about you?!?

Please! Tell me: what you want!?
You are making me crazy more and more, day by day!

I can't understend your games!
In your game, I can't understend your objectives!
You love me?

How much I need fight for you?
How much I need speak "I love you"?

You can't understend that I'm yours!?
You can't understend that I'm crazy about you?

You make me cry for no reason!

No! You are not normal!
Mabe you can't forget me and you are crazy about me, too!
No, no!... You are not normal!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last day in the beach!

Here pictures about the last day in the beach!

I was in "Balneário Camboriú - Santa Catarina".

The 3th january was hot...!

This place is very very beautiful and I hope you like this images!

Now... I'm home! ... Again! (^_^)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fire works & New year!

My New Year party was a traditional brazilian party for new year:
Home, family and grape fruit...
We was is the hight building from our friend "Mah"!
This is just 3 pictures about my new year!