Thursday, August 28, 2008


Kimochi is a word in japanese linguage, that means emotion!

My life in this moment are so much full of emotion! I don't know about the future, but I'm playing!
My game not is ease, or imature, but is important and hard.
I'm in so great emotion, because the challenge is so great and exciting! Because this, my emotion is so strong right now!

My goals are mor closed, and my life too!

Yes! My life is mor closed now, because my life was losted so much years ago!
My life is caming again! My emotion is caming again...

I'm exciting!

The game is starting!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Find your sound!

This was a great day...

Mr Sano contact my friend, and she be came so happy!

Our frind and his partner will be entervew for her, and she is soooo HAPPY!

Gongratulations, my friend, my little sister(in my heart)! =^_^=

Today, for me was a trobble day, again! So much work, so much stress!

In the end, my shower was BROKEN!
I do not deserve!
Cold shower today! brrr

I'm ungry right now!

But I have good musics in my earphone!
I fell calm with good musics!

The musics that my friend sings, are so much mor better!
Because his musics are songs of his heart!
This is my music to day!

What your music today?

Like in Kamen Rider Hibiki: Find your sound!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sad with my friend!

This day was terrible!

So full of sad things!

We maked some no good things, and our friend doesn't liked!

My friend and me, was so sad... but she mor that me... This is not motive for sadness forever... Bad things happen!

(My english is bad! It is so wrong!!!!)

I'm thinking... Just Thinking!

Because, This is just the beggin!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My heart, my sword!

Today the things are more clear for me!

This process are learning me great things! My life is dificult, but I'm stronger in my heart! My heart is brave, I know it!

I'm learning!

I'm suffering, is truth! But this suffering is good for my spirit that need be stronger!

My spirit is like a sword! and this spade is hard and brave, because it has experienced difficulties, and doesn't quit!

My heart is a sword and nothing will make quit!

Yes! I'll be brave!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do You want a coffee?

I'm better today!

I liked Pucca, because she is like me!...

I dont want be like Pucca anymore! Because Garu run in every time!

I want a good person, that love me and don't run away for me!

I want a person that run to me!

This person exist? Hummm... I think so not!

But I'm waiting! No hope... but, waiting!

I want a coffee right now! You want too?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Today is very strange for me...

I'm alone again!

But, this is my life... my true life!

I never mor will promise that love, if first somebody doesn't will love me!

If you love me, I promise love you!

But, this never happens! Because I love to much first...

Cry and tears are in my destiny!

Today begin the new fase of my life!

Don't ask me for what... because is a great and little thing...

My boyfriend left me... When I live him forever!

doesn't deserve me!

But I like a friend... he is so far! He is in Japan...

He likes me? I realy don't know! But... I hope yes! ^^

I hope meet him someday! I believe! I want believe and I need believe!
This space is for me and my realy friends!