Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Infinit Possibilities Field

"Infinit Possibilities Field", This sentence, my friend speak everytime!

Do You can believe? Do you can don't see limit?

The universe(cosmos) don't have limit! Why sometimes, we like put limits in the universe of possibilities?
If you want infinit possibilities, we need believe that unlimited oportunities we have!

I can't see limit in my life, my feelings or my thoughts!
Everything is energy!
I understend that THOUGHTS move energy!
If my thoughts move energy, my thounghts can change the universe and can change my destiny!

When we believe that oportunities will come by somewhere that I can't imagine, just moving my thoughts to my wish, without limit, without closed oportunities, just waiting the energies come truth, slowly and gently materialize... In this moment I'm in the "Infinit Possibilities Field"!

Phylosophy? No!
Conviction and faith!
This is my name's mean, right?!

Do You can believe?

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Sometimes, I just wanna scream your name!

Scream, because I love you! Scream because you are my life!
I just want scream, that you are my reason to keep dreaming!
Because when I dream, I realese...

How much times I need kill my dreams?

I come for this life for prove that love is possible...
In the LOVE's power I can pass over my barriers forever!

If I come to this life, it's because this is possible!

Please believe me and wait me! Across the world is not easy...