Thursday, November 27, 2008

Last Tuesday!

In last tuesday I wake up and opened my computer: Good news! My friends got the visa in brazilian consulate!!!
I think so I'm so happy about this!

Yoffy said that he will return brown to Japan! I agree! But I'll return for my state red! Because I have a so white european skin!

I will clog them with brazilian food! I think so they will like!

In the next week I'll go to São Paulo, because I'll train with Urusai's band.
I made the revolution in the world for this and I think so this is a victory!

I was thinking... If I teach bad words for them???
This will be FUNNY!! (laughs!)

However I'm waiting for my favorite virtual(for now) friend! And he is very important to me!

I'm waiting for you, dear friend!

My Window, wind and pollen...

Today I opened my window because was warm and on the outside the wind was blowing...

Near of my window have trees... In Brazil is spring yet and because this reason, the trees have to much pollen.
The wind was nice and fresh... but... The pollen not was nice!

I spilled throughout the afternoon!!!

When the night come, I need close the window, because the insects and mosquitoes come in my house... (¬_¬'')

Oh God... I like the wind, but so much things make me away from him...

Wind: fly to me!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I think so you know that are you, my platonic love...

You are the wind, my platonic love!

The wind blowing...

The smooth wind blowing in my life...

I have just one dream: be free!
And your air blowing, make me feel the freedom, that I dont have...

I want be free, for feel this wind truly mine...

Wind, be mine!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I like you for you...

Some days I just want you with me...

I don't care were you live, if you have money or not or what you make...
I don't care if you have things, if you are important for the world,
because you are important for me...

I just like you for you!

I want you more closer to me...
I just want touch your face and feel your smooth skin...

I don't care who you are for the world, because I care who you are for me...
For me you are like the air or the wind that I feel blowing in my face...
I like you because you are who you are, sweet and kind...

If you like me, I dont know...
But I like you with my all heart!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My love is handsome...

Como é lindo o meu amor... (Author: Gisele Santos)

Como é lindo o meu amor!

How much handsome is my love!
Tão suave como o vento no verão!...
So smooth like the wind in the summer!...

Eu te quero aqui dentro
I want you here inside
do meu coração,
Of my heart,
como amigo, companheiro,
Like friend, partner
minha paixão!
My passion!

Esteja sempre em minha vida
Stay forever in my life
Como o ar,
Like air,
Como a brisa
like a smooth wind
a soprar!

E eternamente
And eternaly
vou te amar!
I'll love you!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Platonic Love

Today I was thinking...
My window was open and the sun was warm...

I think so that I have dreams... But my dreams are so simple and difficult!

Was so much fine look the street through my window, today!
I don't make it usually, though the window is on my side.
But today, I was thinking about my platonic love... I think so, is a dream, just...
I don't want dream! Because if I dream, I can be disappointed.

But, today I discovered that dream with a platonic love is so smooth and warm as my window in this morning!
The doubt, the wait look bad, but is good! Because the doubt and wait bring hope.

I have the platonic love... I'm loving... not is real yet, but after so much time, I'm loving again!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today I got the prototypes of bracelets...

Not is good yet, but is suficient for a idea...

The first, the leters was to much little, but as would come home, I do not contain my anxiety and...
I put on my arm!

Sorry Yoshiyuki and Imajo... but I was the first!
I realy I could not contain my self! (lougs)

This pictures was bad, but while I not got the good camera, I need conform with this bad camera...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Buying brazilian gifts!

Yesterday I went out to buy a stock that I needed for a project.
After walk to much, I find what I needed!

I was dealing with business and after finishing my work, while returning to my home, I decided come into a store for look earrings ... I love errings!
While watching things, I saw brazilian things! Bracelets and scarves with brasilian flag's draw.

When I saw, I remember my japanese friends... I wanted a good gift for them, but I wanted a brazilian gift! Something that reminds Brazil...
I think so, I found!

I buy scarves that are a brazilian flag and bracelets green and yellow with a brazilian flag.
I ordered to make a bracelet with their names and the Brazilian flag, too.
And other bracelet with their names and Grêmio's logo (Grêmio is the best football teame of Brazil! It's my teame!\( ^-^)/ )

I know that Genko will complain and getting bored with this... But, sorry... My teame is the best teame! (lougs)

I'm realy anxious! Because just 27 days left for them to come to Brazil!

This week is the cross! AirTickets, visa... so much things!

I'm so much anxious!