Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ashita no te

I just say everything that this music say!

"I murmur, "I love you," with all my emotion
All my feelings until yesterday now overflow and dissolve quickly

If only this last prayer could make it through...
Thank you for giving us the words to ascertain each other, God

Tomorrow, we'll reach out and hold hands harder than normal
Tomorrow, we'll reach out, hug, kiss, and love each other

Our peaceful times flow like snow
Where will we end up as we fumble our way forward?

The changing seasons take the scars away
but our deepened love will keep growing brighter than the day before

Tomorrow, we'll reach out and hold hands harder than normal
Tomorrow, we'll reach out, hug, kiss, and love each other

Tomorrow, we'll reach out and hold hands harder than normal
Tomorrow, we'll reach out, hug, kiss

Tomorrow, we'll reach out and hold hands harder than normal
Tomorrow, we'll reach out, hug, kiss, and love each other

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Understending brotherhoods...

This word is very new for me: Brotherhoods.

In portuguese we speak: ties ou cord...

It's because we arrest some relationship, even if this relationship is about friendship, love or family.

This ties are complex adn so difficult for understend...
I can't understend yet...

Particulary that ties we arrest, but is like ever we was arrested... I'ts complicated!

I try understend this ties! But some times, I really can't!
Because, some times we love somebody and this is don't have explation! It's complicated!

Because we try keep away, try forget... but you can't!
And this tie is so stronger, that we can't untie! No differences, no distances, no time...
You just can't untie!

Maybe, you will not suffer, but you will not forget, even you are far, away...
You never will untie!
What we can speak about this?

Why we are arrest?
Maybe, it's other lifes, past lifes, horoscope compatibility, blood compatibility... or simple telepathy... Who knows?
Maybe, everything together! Who knows the answer?

I can't find the right answer!
Maybe, because don't have the right answer!

I tired try untie! I tired try forget!
I don't will make this again... because is inproductive, useless and vain!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last Weekend... Killing SOULTAKER OP!

Last Weekend happened AnimeSul, here, in Porto Alegre city!
I was there!
Well... In karaoke competition we(me and Kurai) killed the music SOULTAKER, of JAM Project.
The event was very good!
Look the pictures and... my "unbelieveble" video, singing SOULTAKER!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Holding the Venus nature!

Today is like Vilentine's Day, in Brazil!
But I don't have boyfriend... great news: I never have!

But I was thinking about the Venus nature!
Venus/Aphrodite is a greek-roman Godess of love!
But her love is focused to internal emotions!
The Venus love begin in ourself and ands in ourself!

I never love me first!
In my internal problems I just was like Mars!
Brutal, passional, fast and fatal!
My emocional was like Mars nature! I was very tired every time, because I was emotionally destroied in every relationships!
I gave brutally my self, my dreams and my soul every times! This is not right!

I just want the Venus nature right now!
Maybe looks selfish... but I need this!

The Venus nature not is just like a selfish love... But the results of this nature is an encharmed seduction!
Nobody can resist to Aphrodisiac seduction of Venus!
Neither Mars can resist the Venus power... He was seduced from Venus...

And you? Wiil be seduced? =P

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cold , cold time!

This week, Here, in my city is cold!
Tuesday was very, very cold!...
In Gramado town was snowing! (O___O')


Today, not is so much cold, but is cold yet...

In june, final of autumn, is more cold than winter!
In winter, just the last week of july is so cold!
In other times, until the final of spring, is like a big spring time!

Well... I'll drink hot coffee with chocolate, thinking about you!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My cat...

Now a have a cat!

A black cat! So beautiful, like the Bastet Godess!

But my cat is boy! It's my guardian!

My cat's name is Hogosha!
Hogosha means guardian, patron...

I just have one picture here, but you can see!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm a fuking cockroach!


I'm a fuking bad cockroach!

Because I'm!

Don't believe me?

I don't have brain like a cockroach, I don't have heart like a cockroach and... I'm a fuking boring, like a cockroach!

I'm angry with me!
Because my attitudes are inferior like a cockroach...

Happy? Or you need more?