Monday, August 30, 2010


After a lot of days, so sick, I'm better...

It was a stronger flu, that make me down 1 week!
Now, my face is like a ghost! so white!!! But today, I'm ok!

In this moment I'm thinking about my life, about feelings... again!
Today I feel like in old times, but it's like is new, not like before...

I'm learning about culture from another side of the world... and I discovery something very very intersting, that explain another things to me...
Yesterday I read in a blog, that if some woman, in Japan, works in a company and she wants marry with a mate, she needs QUITE the job!
This is so unfair!!!!!

If this happen with me and the boss say: you need quite!
I answer: You first!!

oh god! I don't like this!!! but, this is them culture... so bad before my eyes, but something in Brazil is not acceptble to!

Try understand the culture is very very important to tolerance between nations, cultures and people!

Well... think about this!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

keeping on my way

This time I think a lot about my life...
I examinate my love and try quit... I tryed again and... I can't!

What is better? Love and suffer or try don't love and suffer?
... I realy don't know!

In this time, when I don't have some motive to love, but my heart just feel this conetion, I keep on my way, like ever...

Friday, August 6, 2010

old and new...

I'm happy! the last weekend I meet my old friend and my new best friend!
This feeling, nobody can pay!
Thank you for trust me!