Thursday, November 25, 2010


Every day pass by me, I feel more and more that I love him!

Yesterday I begin a new job! Thank Gods!
It's not a big money, but it's short time!

2 days ago, I gone to the town and decided don't back without job! 40 minutes after, I was hired!

The rain start yesterday, like tears when I miss him... But I was not sad!
Because the rain give life to the flowers, that will be fruits and after, new trees!
My feeling was fine! But I was with that sensation, like he was crying... Maybe just remembering...
I was wishing just that he be fine!

I'm wating for miracles...
I wish him here on my side...
I wish be his family...
I wish understand him completly!

My only wish is that my love be perfect, as like the love is perfect and eternal!

Please, my love, accept me back!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

These days, I was just praying for a little miracle... Or a big miracle!

About money, it's worse day by day...I have work, but people late my payment everytime... Be a freelancer it's not ease!

Some days ago, some one ask me if I want compose music for a big project... I accept, but I don't know if they will accept the demo... I don't finish the melody...

I was thinking about my life these days... Why I stoped to sing?
Was a stupid action from me!

Now I'll try again!

About my love, I decided never give up!
Because I lost my time with another professions, lost my time with a fail relationship for half of my life!
Now, I found the man of my dream, like I dreamed when I was 11 years old...

When I kissed him, was like a dream... Some times, I remember and can't make diference if was real or a good dream!

If he ask me, I'll do everything he wants!
For me, he is like a KING in my life!

For now, I'll just pray for meet him again and say how much I love him!