Monday, April 27, 2009

DAN DAN Kokoro hikareteku

I read the translation about Dragon Ball GT music: DAN DAN Kokoro hikareteku

So beautiful words...
I feel this about somebody...

Bit by bit My heart is charmed

Bit by bit My heart is charmed
With that dazzling smile
Let's flee from the endless darkness Hold my hand

You see, when I met you
I remembered the view which I had treasured when I was a child
Won't you dance with me
It's a winding road of light and shadows Even now, you're dreaming of him?
There are times when it seemed like I wanted to turn back but
Holding love, courage, and pride, I shall fight

Bit by Bit My heart is charmed
A piece of hope in this world
Anyone surely wants to have eternity in his hands
Even if you pretend not to mind at all
Hey I love you
Let's flee from the endless darkness Hold your hand

I also like you, even with that face, tired from anger
I wonder if it's all right to live such a life, being blown away
As for me... I'm just spun around by casual gestures Sea Side Blue
Or are you still dreaming of him
I had something more I wish to ask but
Our conversation just goes on like the sound of car wheels dancing around

Bit by Bit My heart is charmed
It's amazing even to myself but
Something is there I suddenly feel like calling you
Even if you pretend not to mind at all
In the end all I see is you
Let's flee towards the sea Hold my hand

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New life!

I that you read my reveries!...
Sorry, because my words are so emotional...

This night I had a dream again...

I was in ancient Egipt, I was so much yung...
I was so concentrated in something, but I don't know what I was witing...

Suddenly, somebody come in my back. I look for him: Jetmeh?

Jetmeh was so handsome!

He was noble, but not was direct descendence of pharaoh... But I was!
My name was Maat!

Yes! Just direct descendence of pharaoh had gods and godesses names!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth and air...

Some times my head is in the air!...
In other times, my fit are in the earth...
My hearth is the fire, and this fire needs air!

My fit needs earth...
Earth, where the flowers grow up!

But when the sky is gray,
And I feel the cold rain...
I just remember you!

I love the wind in my face...
Just blowing so smootely!

Wind, I need you...
Just blow in my face again!
Wind, I want you...
Just dry my eye's rain!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The cold time come!

Today, in the morning, was hot... yet!
But after rain... and rain... and after be coooold!
I was in an anime event, AnimeXtreme.

The temperature was cold, but the brave cosplayers was there!!!
(This is the 'Play Boy' rabit?? (O_O') )

Look! So much water in the floor!

This is The Sailor something... I can't identify... Maybe Pluto...

And... mmm... no words!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stealing photos and hearts...

I stole a photo today ...
Because this picture reminds me things that I wanted to have lived ...

Reminds me my time with my children, when they was babies...
This time can't come back...

Beautiful flowers!

I miss you my friends!
Our friendship will across the world and will bring you again!
I'm sure!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More pictures about Anime World

André, drinking Coke!
André, me, Simone and Maria Paula.

Sayami Tikasawa, Vagner, André, me and Marcelo

Monday, April 13, 2009

Be my earth, be my heart!

Be my earth, be my heart!
Be my everything!

I want the earth under my fit!
I need the constancy in my heart!

Be my earth, be my heart!
Stay with me day by day!

I discovered how much I love you!
I'm here waiting...
Waiting for you!

You don't know, that your link to me,
Told me your plans...

I can see into your heart!
I can feel your deep feelings...

You can never hide me,
Your love tome!

But I'll tell you:
Don't worry! I love you too!
And I never will lost you again!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


In this weekend, I win the 5th place in Animeke competition, in Anime World 2009!

I sing Magiranger Magical Force, and my dancers was Maria paula and Simone!

The Simone's boyfriend win the 1st, singing Jouney, Kamen Rider Decade's opening teme!

My son sleeped on my legs! (laughs!)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday and coffee...


My birthday was very good!
My friends call me and made "old woman meat"... hahaha

Yes! It's a good meat! It's very much smooth and very tasty!

Ohh... I drink 2 cups of red wine! If I was drunk??
Obvously! My body don't resist to much cups... one cup is sufficient!!
But was my birthday, I drank 2!

Today I drink a good coffee, with a good friend!

I don't have picture, but the picture is not important!
Important was my moment and the friendship, right?