Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Burning in Jealous

This weekend I was burning in jealous...
I just go to my friends house speak, speak and speak...

My master was speaking about her love, speaking about how much painful is wait him...
For me, wait my love is not painful, but I'm missing him so much... Now I can remember this friday...
I will tell you:
I was drinking my coffee in the shopping... (Mc Coffee always!) That shopping has LIVE music every friday, saturday and sunday...

The music touch me... and said everything that I feel... Not about jealous, but about the sure about my love to him...
The music in that night was a antique music, this is a part of music's translate:

"About the Memories
That I bring in my life
You're the missing
that I like to have
Just so!
I feel you near me
Again ...

I forgot!
Trying to forget you
I Decided!
Want you, for want
I decided to remind you
how much times
that I want remind
No fair to lose..."

Original part of music's translate(in porttuguese!):

"Das lembranças
Que eu trago na vida
Você é a saudade
Que eu gosto de ter
Só assim!
Sinto você bem perto de mim
Outra vez...

Me esqueci!
De tentar te esquecer
Te querer, por querer
Decidi te lembrar
Quantas vezes
Eu tenha vontade
Sem nada perder..."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hey people!

I'm missing!

...Because I'm working a lot in these days!
But I'm fine!

Tired... but, fine! (^_^)

In this weekend I made a new friend: Ai-chan.
She is my official japanese teacher! hahahaha

I speak to her that my japanese is bad, imature... but she says: Gisele no nihongo wa jouzu!
Means: Gisele's Japanese is fine!

I'm happy! Because:
Watashi wa ii seito!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Make it worth...

Make worth my sacrifice...
Make worth my love...
Make worth my job...
Make worth my emotion!

Please, make it worth!

My heart rises to the stars in true love,
My mind fly in the wind,
My soul invades the deserts and waters my destiny!

My every emotion, completely apassionated,
With my heart and deeply, inside my spirit
I can move the world
And everything will be revolutionized!

Please, belieave in me
and make it worth!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I miss you!

I miss you, my wind!
I miss your hurricane in my life! So great, so smooth, so kind...
Like a summer wind, so warm, so gentle, so sweet...

I miss you!
I miss your smile, your eyes, your face, your mouth... in my mouth!
I miss you so closer teasing me and pretending don't love me!

I miss you!
I miss your blow in my face, your poetry...
I miss my heart pulsing, my hand trembling, my blood boiling... because you was with me!

I just miss you...
I miss your hair, your smell, your perfume...
I miss your presence with me, when I needed you was there...

I miss you so much!
I miss you with all my heart, my soul, my mind...
I miss you, because I love you, because I can't live without you!