Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don't give up!

I decide: I will fight!
Never will give up!

To much times I think: I'll give up... You don't love me, You don't desirve...
But I discovery: I desirve! (^o^)/

In this time, not is about you! It's about me! But... this is about you and me, too...
It's your dream, but it's my dream...
This situation is like a coin... Two sides! Completely different sides, but just one coin!
If I made good job on my side, I'll made on your side, too!

Means conection!
United and separated in the same time...
This is simple and complicated!

I think so you don't love me, because you think so impossible...
But it's not impossible, just dificult!

My life was so much more difficult!
Don't worry... I'll make a revolution on the world!

(Lo que será, será, demo Watashi wa sekai wo kaeru!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My pray will touch you!

Some times I think about you... to much more than I want...

I try stop... I can a time, but after, I can't anymore...

I decide that I'll fight to my dreams!
You teach me this!

Why we are in this life?
I don't know!
Maybe this conection is about past lifes...

The life is a Moebius ring, the destiny goes and back...
I believe that you will back! If not in this life, will be in another...

I'll pray to you... I'll pray and I'll touch your heart, your life!

I don't know if I'll see you again, but I know that our conection is stronger!
I know that when I pray I can touch you!
And when you pray you touch me and give me a strong feeling in that moment!
I feel... And I know: You can feel too!

I'm not worried, but so I pray and touch your heart your life!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

No Love!

This blog is my main trash!
Here I put my human trash, every time!

I'm tense, nervous and sad!
This moment is very dificult to me... It's my Uranus revolution time!

Uranus destroied everything Saturnus make!
On Horoscope Map, at 29 years, is the Uranus revolution! It's a bad time... Because everything you has on your horoscope map, that is governed by Saturnus, is shaken!

On my map, Saturnus governs my 6th house. This house is diary's life, exemple: Home, work... Things that you have in your diary's life.

My whole life was for other people... sacrificies, work for others, donation...
I made everything with pleasure! I suffered with pleasure! Because I undertood that was good!
But I was wrong!

I destroied my life, my feelings, my job and more important: my dreams!
I can destroi everything, be I can't destroi my dreams! Because my dreams are my soul!

I'm realy suffering, because I don't want love anymore!
My unic love are my children!

For them I give my life, my dreams and my soul!
They are my power, my dream and my soul!
For them I'm a lion!

For now... I'm without love... For others!
This moment, My love is mine, by me, to me!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Egypt! and some people no nation...

Do you know?
I love arabian and egyptian music...
Gypsy Kings are no nation, because they are gypsy! I love Gypsy music, too!
Listen this musics an see the video clips!