Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The past is gone...

Today my past is gone...

My dreams is gone...

I need to take a step ahead... and leave the past in my back!

I'll drink my coffee alone again. I'll go ahead and leave my past behind.

I need see ahead! I need keep living, I need keep walking!

I'll drink my coffee alone again... I need leave my past in my back!

I need leave my past behind!

I need to leave him behind... I'll drink my coffee alone again...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

In my old friend's house! >> ALLERGY <<

Today I'm in my old friend's house!

This is a good day!

I sat on the grass, because my friends house have a beautiful grass.

I was in a dress, when I sat on the grass... This was not a good idea!... something caused me allergy and my butt started to burn!!!

My friend is very funny and take pictures! (¬_¬'')

But It's ok! I think this is funn!!! hahaha
This picture is me on the grass, before my butt started to burn!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I cut my hear... again!

Yeah! I cut my hear again!

Because it was bad and ugly!

I was wainting for decreasing half moon, because is better for the hear!

In this picture I'm with my favorite Kamen Rider...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Strange dream

Today I dreamed some think strange...

Was raining... and a building was burning...
someone was there...
He was near, but I couldn't help him... I cried...

I swore: that we were still separate, I help him!

In the dream I had a close relationship with him, I had grown up with him... maybe brothers, maybe friends... I don't know, but was a closed relationship...

Was a dream or a remembering of the past?

Image: Anubis - God of Death

Friday, January 16, 2009

I don't want think about sadness!

Do you know WitchBlade, japanese version?


Masane, the WitchBlad's character, is mother. She has a little girl, Riko-chan.

Masane is Witchblade, She is a stronger woman, not just physically, but also psychologically. She is a fighter! She fight for her daughter!

I identify with her. She was sacrificed for the greater good: The daughter!

Some times I think that i will die like her, because I'm fighting, but nothing of what I do is enough... I feel lost in this planet! I feel tired of fight...

I made a revolution in the world. But I lost the fight!

I need fight for my children, because anybody deserves my sacrifice!
Nobody loves me, nobody fight for me, nobody wants me!
I'm alone for my children! I need fight for them!

But I don't want think about sadness...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Conection! <-->

Conection is a open line.

Open line for the telepathy and the love.

Conection is a simple word!
It's a simple thing... simple thought... simple feeling...

Conection is a very important element, if you want be loved...
It's a very important thing, if you want love somebody...

I have conection with the world! This conection is inside of my heart!

You have conection with the world! This conection not is out of you! But is in side of yourself!

Now is raining! This rain says me something...
Now the wind is blowing! This wind says me that you are here with me!

We have conection!
It's like telepathy!... I can't touch... It's like my platonic love... I can't touch...

I can feel!

Image: 2 of hearts, 49 egiptian tarot card

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Full moon...

In this night have full moon in the sky!

In my heart have a full feeling...

In my thoughts have a full image!

This image are you! you in my life, in my feelings, in my thoughts...

I want say how much I love you! Because you'll never know how much I want you!

I'm looking for the sky in my window, I see the moon there and feel the wind in my face!

How much I love you, you'll never know... but my love is like the full moon in the sky!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today I'm happy!

I give a gift for my friend and he liked!

Was a very, very simple gift and his thank you, was rich!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Telepathy Power!

Who said that telepathy doesn't exist???

Well... I sad someday, but today, I think different!
After some events, I was convinced of the oposite!

After some experiences, I discovered that some channels are open. Some people have channel open and other are closed.

Some people, think that I'm witch. But I don't think so! I think so, I'm sensitive, because I'm aware about the universe around me!

My sicere opinion is: If you can feel, you can understend! If you want understend, you will understend!

The telepathy is like music, like when you are making a musical composition! You need channels open! If you don't have open channels, you can't make a good composition!

Can you feel?

Friday, January 9, 2009


Today I think about I'm alone.
This is serious! Every time I'm alone!

For to much mouts Iwas completely submerged in my work! But my work failed in some points. I will need more time be stopped until a new project appears... But there is a problem:
I forgot how to live!

I do not know how to work on something else!

I spent many months on this chair,
looking, on occasion, which was out of my window... Working to much and never sleeping!

I forgot the time that I was going to events of anime, just for fun!

When the wind blows in my window, I felt good... But now, every thing disturbs me!

Everything disturbs me, because I'm thinking about my real life... and my life is completely alone!

I'm trying to live! God bless me for this!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Somewhere on the planet

In somewhere on the planet, you are...

My wind, my air...

I just need say: I love you.

Why I love you? I don't know...

No make sense love you... no make sense...

In somewhere on he planet, you are...

I just feel you so near, some times... but you aren't here!

I realy want you more near... please, get closer of my heart!

In somewhere on he planet, you are...

Love you with all my heart! I feel you with my soul...

I love you in somewhere on the planet...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Anyone dream

Today, nothing make sense...
Everythng is dark...

I can't believe in my life... I can't believe in my job... I can't believe in my voice...

Some day, to much time ago, I believed and my dreams was killed!

Some day, some days ago, I believed again... and maybe, my dreams was killed again!

I don't have dreams again... I'm wainting... maybe a miracle come and change.

Maybe not and my dreams will be killed forever!

Why I believe again? Why?!

I try make good things for the people, for my friends...

Why I believe again?

I need decide my life now! Maybe I'll go forever... Maybe I stay...

What I'll make?

I think so my life is over! Because I believe again and my dreams was killed again...

I can't believe in the life or in my dreams!