Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Medication or poison!?

You know: I'm nurse!...
But to day, I'm sick...

Nurses are bad patients! They are not obedient! They are rebels!!!
Yes! I'm rebel!

I have a big alergy in my nouse... but this alergy down...

Now, I don't have voice! To much pain in my vocal cords...

I needed to much medication, but I hate medication!

I'm using propolis, analgesics, anti-alergic, anti-inflammatory...

I'm drinking medicine tea every time!
I hate medication, but today, I have to much pain!

Why if you take medication for the nouse or throat, your stomach suffers?!

This is not a good thing...

Well... this a medication or a poison??!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


What more importat in your life?

In my life, is the friendship!
I can't live without friends...

I don't have to much friends, but my friends are truly!

The friendship are more precious, because the truly friendship can't be broke!

Here I'll show some pictures of my friends...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This weekend was good.

I was alergic, my head was pain, my nouse was bad...

I was looking a panda bear
... but I was with my best friend Amanda!

We drink coffee in all day! 2 or 3 cups (big cups)...

In final, we gone in her car, with Fábio (her boyfriend)...

We pass by a road in front of the lake Guaíba.

Was the sunset and the sunset in this lake is wonderful!

A long time ago, I didn't see this wonderful place in the sunset moment!

Was a good time!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coffee Worriors!

Today, I was tinking about coffee and new recipes for coffee!

I joined in Google for find more informations about new recipes...

So much quickly, I find A site, talking about coffee crazy people!

In this site, the author told that he is very much coffee addict!

He use a very big coffee cup! Fit 450ml in this cup!!! (O_O')

But this cup is very fun!! It's Darth Vader!!! And this is a little pun, because the coffee is black, like Darth Vader!!! Cool!! (laughs)

Come to the dark side of power and be a Coffee Worrior!! (laughs)


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coffe, coffee, coffee

I said this, but I will repeat today ... Drink coffee is something that I love!
Just did it with 2 people, in my all my life:

My best friend, who lives right next to me and my friend who lives in other side of the world

I was afraid of drink coffee alone, I thought that this would bring suffering ...
Because I like being with friends.
Coffee alone, was the same as take my loneliness. ...
But, take my loneliness, was not something bad as I thought!
I learned to drink coffee with myself, when I remember the good things of my life, or when I forget the unpleasant events.

I do not care what coffee!
It reminds me of things that I don't remember more, or make me forget things that I don't want to remember more!

Coffee is the drink of Gods if is a craft coffe or instantaneous coffee...
Alone or with a fine companionship!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Work disease...

I'm workig and I discovery that I'm a "workholic"!
You know? Work Adict!
I'm tired, sleepy... but I can't stop! I take a cup of coffee and work! I'm not well in my soul...

I'm sad with to much problems! Because this I need work more and more!...

I must occupy my mind, before my mind transport itself to somewhere far away from Brazil...

Sometimes, my soul wants to go to distant places, and the best medicine for the mind is working blind!

Sometimes I feel sick working... but sometimes, I feel more alive!

Finally, what is the job?

Medication or illness?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pain & drops ...

My eye is paining!

Yesterday, my eye started to itch and hurt a lot...

Today, woke up with more pain in the left eye...

Today I was with my friend from Amazonas, in my city.

He come visit me, but I was with pain...

Finaly, he goes way and I ran to the doctor!

The doctor said I'm an infection in the eye ...

He gave me an eye drop that burns the eyes!

I have a alergy in my nouse too...of hay fever ... Damn it!