Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crossing Jordan

Yesterday I was going to the work, acrossing the "Redenção" park...
I saw this beautiful place, that I realy like, and think about the love of my life...
I know that he likes natural places, like me... Think about my spiritual evolution and how much he is important to this matter, was realy inevitable!

I conclude that:
Portuguese is difficult
Spanish is difficult
Japanese is difficult
English is difficult, too!

I conclude that
Cellphone is expansive
Msn is bored
Skype can be good, but
The timezone never will help us!

Looking through internet seems easy across the Jordan river... But we have, before our face, the Red Sea!

I'll never give up, to pray, day by day, to the oceans opening before my eyes!

Maybe he don't understand me or don't believe me...
But I'll keep my way and never give up to across the Jordan river, Red sea or every oceans, because my love is stronger enough to across every barrier the come to my way!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

When begin?

Today I was watching an old drama. This drama I watched the 1st time when I was just 11 years old...
This little fact make me remamber my childhood time, when I dreamed so much things, that today I see realesed a little bit...

When I remember my old dreams, and my actual dreams, I see that my feeling is the same...

For a time, maybe some years, I just quit my dreams, because I understood my dream was impossible...
After a lot of time, I conclude that I was wrong!

I knew a prince that don't likes me anymore... In truth, now he hates me!
But he makes me wake up for my life, and because this I'm greatfull for the heaven put his life on my way!
I realy know that he never will know how much I love him... I know that he don't believe me... But I say thanks because he exist!

Today I have a lot of emotions inside my heart... And I can't explain!
So much more I look arround me, and so much more I see that he is far from me...
He was my old dream and the future that I wish!
When I don't know him, was him that I dreamed... I just discovery when I knew him... Before I think that was impossible!

My another dreams was linked with my so deeply ans ward emotion that I feel when I was 11 years old...

Nothing changes! The destiny back!